Purified Emergency Water Supplies

After a disaster such as an Earthquake or Fire, purified emergency water supplies becomes such a huge necessity, especially when the water normally provided by Ventura County Department of Public Works,  the Golden State Water Company or the City of Simi Valley is unavailable.

Purified Emergency Water sold by Simi Valley Survival is US Coast Guard approved and comes in Leak Proof Pouches with a 5 Year Shelf Life and can withstand temperatures from to  -22ºF to +149ºF.

Emergency drinking water should be stored in a secure spot that’s cool and dark safe from the risk of theft if conditions lead to looting due to lack of food, water and other resources.

Purified Emergency Water Supplies

When disaster strikes, purified emergency water supplies becomes a huge necessity because clean drinking water may become scarce. Contamination could cut-off or compromise your regular water supply. Emergency purified supplies will meet your family’s needs during an emergency like extreme heat.

Determining Water Needs

At least one gallon of water should be stored for each person each day, for drinking and sanitation, to last three days. A normally active individual should drink about three-quarters of a gallon of fluid every day, from water and other beverages. However, each person needs differ depending on age, health, physical condition, diet, activities engaged in and climate.

The following should be taken into consideration:

  • Sick people, nursing mothers, and children tend to need more water.
  • A medical crisis may need additional water.
  • Living in a warm-weather climate may require more water, and in hot temperatures, water requirements may double.

Purified Emergency Water Supplies Tips

Drinking water should not be rationed unless the relevant authorities instruct otherwise. Drink the amount of water a body needs and try to look for more tomorrow. Stay calm and do not engage in strenuous activities to minimize the amount of water required by the body.

Avoid drinking contaminated water. Treat suspicious water before using if necessary, such as cloudy water from regular faucets or water from streams or ponds. Do not drink suspicious water if water treatment is not possible for as long as possible, but do not get dehydrated.

Purified emergency water supplies can be of help during emergency, consider having these instead of carbonated or caffeinated beverages. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol dehydrate the body, thus increasing the need for drinking water.

Water Storage

Purchase bottled water and keep it in the original sealed container in a cool, dark place.

Buy food-grade water storage containers if you must prepare your water containers. Thoroughly clean the containers with dishwashing soap. Sanitize them through washing with a solution of 1 teaspoon of scent-free liquid household chlorine bleach to a quart of water after every six months replace water that has not been commercially bottled.

Water Treatment

It’s crucial for one to treat suspicious water. This happens when you have run out of all your stored water, and there are no reliable, clean water sources. Treat all suspicious water before using it for food washing or preparation, brushing teeth, making ice or drinking water. Contaminated water contains germs that cause diseases such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and hepatitis and also have bad odor and taste. These purified emergency water supplies sold by Simi Valley Survival Store are treated have been verified by professionals to be safe for human consumption.

Treating water can be done in several ways. A combination of methods is frequently the best solution. Before treating, allow the suspended particles to settle to the bottom of the container. You can also strain the particles using layers of clean cloth or coffee filters.


Boiling is the most secure way to treat water. Put water in a large kettle or pot and bring it to a rolling boil for a whole minute. Some water will evaporate. Once the water has cooled, feel free to drink it.

Put oxygen back into the boiled water for a better taste. Do this by pouring the water back and forth between two clean containers. This also improves the taste of stored water.


You can kill germs using the household liquid bleach that contains 5.25 to 6.0 % sodium hypochlorite. Use scent-free bleaches and do not use color-safe bleaches or bleaches with added cleaners.

For a gallon of water add 16 drops of bleach then stir and let stand for 30 minutes. The water should contain a little bleach odor. If it does not, repeat the dosage and let it stand 15 minutes. Find another source of water if it still doesn’t smell of chlorine. Discard the original. Chemicals such as iodine or water treatment products sold in camping or surplus stores should not be used if they do not contain 5.25 to 6 per cent of sodium hypochlorite as the only active ingredient.


It consists of boiling water and then the collection of only the condensed vapor. Distillation removes germs that resist dying during boiling or chlorination, as well as heavy metals, salts, and most other chemicals. The vapor that condenses will not contain salt or most other impurities.

To distil, pour water into a pot halfway. Attach a cup to the handle on the lid of the pot. The cup hangs right-side-up when the lid is upside down, and it should not be dangling into the water. Then boil the water for 20 minutes. The dripping water into the cup from the lid is distilled.

Purified emergency water supplies is crucial, especially for people who live in areas that are likely to suffer form natural or artificial calamities.