Emergency Solar Power Supply Buying Guide

At Simi Valley Moorpark Survival Store, we understand that emergency solar power supply is essential for disaster-prone areas like Simi Valley. A power loss is one of the most common things to happens in case of a natural disaster like an earthquake. Loss of electricity for extended periods not only makes it challenging to receive alerts but also makes it impossible to keep in touch with loved ones. With a solar power panel, you stay above the rest and ensure you and your loved ones are safe and get the vital notification as soon as they are given. 

When buying an emergency solar power panel, there are a few things you need to consider;

Choosing An Emergency Solar Power Supply

Consider these three questions when choosing the right emergency solar power charger

  • Which devices do you want to keep charged at all time?
  • What kind of emergencies preparedness are you preparing for?
  • In case of a crisis, will you have access to sufficient sunlight during and/or after the event?

What kind of devices do you need charged?

In most cases of emergency, it is essential to have enough power to charge your mobile phone and have some power source to light up your home. It enables you to stay connected with your loved ones and provides you with lighting during the dark days.

What kind of emergency are you preparing for?

The type of emergency that you’re preparing helps you to decide on the type of solar charger to buy. If you stay in areas that often experience significant power outages, then opting for a larger emergency solar power panels is recommended. However, if you are looking for just an occasional backup or a small device for the office or car, then a more modest system would be the better option. 

In case of emergency, would you access good sunlight during and/or after the event?

Sometimes, when you need it most, you may not easily get access to good lighting in case of emergency. Before buying an emergency solar power supply, think about where you would recharge during a crisis. Remember: direct sunlight is crucial for charging the solar power panels. They will not charge while indoors. 

Our portable solar generators are built with ‘portability’ in mind. They are small in size and would fit in nearly everywhere. You just simply grab and go. 

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