Best Emergency Battery Radios for Sale 

Emergency battery radios are crucial appliances especially for people living in area prone to natural disasters and emergencies, like Simi Valley. Mobile emergency notifications are truly awesome, but older technology, such as battery-driven radio, often saves the day during disaster. During emergencies like earthquakes and nuclear explosions, power outages are common. Reaching out to emergency response service providers could be such a daunting task if you only relied on your mobile for alerts. Survival battery radios could come in most handy in such scenarios.

The benefits of staying informed during such scenarios cannot be underestimated.

During disaster, a battery operated radio can still keep you updated on:

  • What’s going on
  • Official instructions from emergency service providers
  • Impending disasters
  • Evacuation warnings
  • Access to local resources
  • Expert perspectives

A survival radio also can also be essential in keeping you connected to the outside world. They can also double up as tools of entertainment when the usual ones run out of electricity, thus cheering you up during the long periods of boredom.

Features of Emergency Battery Radios to Consider

  • Size: Emergency radios come in different sizes. Some are could be small enough to fit in the pocket while others could be significantly larger. If size is a concern to you, check a radio’s dimensions before making the purchase.
  • Power bank:Some emergency radios double up as power banks which allow you to charge your mobile devices through a USB cord.
  • Station options: Apart from AM and FM, you may consider selecting a radio that offers additional access to NOAA weather stations.
  • Emergency alert systems:Some of these emergency battery radios have access to NOAA stations and also have an extra feature in the form of an emergency alert system which you can easily turn on or off.
  • Headset jack: A headset jack feature lets you listen to the radio without inconveniencing the people around.
  • Power options: Remember more is always better when it comes to power options. It’s even better if it’s a rechargeable battery that you can recharge using solar or a hand crank dynamo,
  • Digital vs. analog tuning: This is personal preference; however, most people find digital tuning to be better and easier for finding weather and shortwave stations. On the other end, an analog tuner is less likely to break down compared to digitally tuned radio one.

Check some of the best radios we have in store below;