Emergency Backpacks

Simi Valley Survival offers emergency backpacks and kits to meet a variety of different needs, including a five-day, one-person emergency kit as well as a deluxe survival kit that can meet the needs of six people for five days.

We offer five-day survival backpacks in Red, Camo, and Black. These grab-and-go survival kits contain everything that a person could need to survive in an emergency event.

Expect to find gourmet, ready-made, long-term entrees, water, a stove, cups, flashlights, first aid kits, blankets, matches, and some playing cards.

What does our emergency backpacks include?

Our car emergency backpack includes jumper cables, robe, a first aid kit, duct tape, a survival whistle and a emergency blanket. By storing a few basic supplies in your home or car, we can help you ensure that you and your loved ones will remain safe and healthy in the event of a natural disaster or unforeseen situation.

Check out some of our featured emergency backpack products below: