Active Shooting Event Survival: Simi Valley

Active shooting event survival and escape are one of the most important life skills in the contemporary world where active shooters attack probably more than they should. If you are a resident of Simi Valley, then this emergency preparedness will be essential to you.

Have you ever imagined yourself caught up in an unexpected, active gun shooting event? What would you do? How do you even tell someone is a threat to your safety? In this article, I will explain to you what you need to do if you are ever caught in an active crossfire. I will also show you what you need to know/do after shooting has taken place.

Most importantly, in case of an active shooting event, remember these three things-

  • Run when you can
  • Hide wherever you can
  • Fight if you can

Head start on Active Shooting Event Survival

  • You can enroll for shooting training
  • If you notice anything unordinary, report to the authorities immediately.
  • Subscribe to receive local emergency alerts,
  • Be self-aware and do not take anything for granted

Precautionary Steps

  • Ensure every family member knows what to do if an active shooter ever attacks them; have a plan.
  • Identify the nearest and easily accessible exits wherever you visit. Know your escape route and pick out identify places you can quickly hide.
  • Make sure you understand the plans for people living with disabilities, the various access points and functional needs within that building
  • Have some first aid gear in your home or office

When face to face with an active shooter;

  • The first thing you should think about or do is to run and escape whenever you spot the chance
  • Remember;
  • Your #1 priority is to get away from the shooter(s) safely.
  • To leave behind anything that might slow down your escape and run.
  • Assist others in escaping whenever possible. If they oblige to follow, well and good, if they don’t, go on.
  • Sound an alarm and warn people from accessing the active shooter’s location.
  • Call the police immediately you get to safety.
  • Give precise details about the active shooter, e.g., physical appearance, type of weapon, number of shooters, etc.

If you can’t escape, hide;

  • In the case where escaping is not an option, maybe there’s only one entrance cum exit;
  • Slowly (or quickly, depending on the situation) escape the shooter’s sight and be very quiet.
  • Put your mobile phone and any other electronic devices in your possession in silent mode.
  • Lock all doors and use heavy items in the room to block the door further. Switch off the lights in the room and close the blinds.
  • Hide separately or spread out the hiding, to make it complicated for the shooter- do not hide in groups.
  • Keep a low tone when speaking with the police while in hiding. You can use text message or social media communicate and let them know of your location
  • Do not come out until the police tell you to do so.
  • Find a hiding place that can protect you from the shooter’s bullets if he shoots randomly in your direction.

Fight only as of the last option

  • Confront the shooter aggressively. Recruit other hostages to help in the ambush.
  • Use any makeshift weapons available like chairs, scissors, pens, fire extinguishers, etc.
  • If you are going to hit the shooter, hit hard!
  • Distract the shooter by hurling makeshift weapons during the fight and buy some time to disarm the attacker.

After the active shooting event survival;

  • Keep your hands visibly up and empty when coming out to the police
  • Know that law enforcement’s first task is to end the incident, and they may have to pass injured along the way.
  • Expect officers with guns who may use unfriendly methods like pepper spray or tear gas to calm down the situation.
  • Police may be commanding and rough to ensure the threat is eliminated from the crowd.
  • Abide by the imposed law enforcement instructions for that situation to avoid confusion.
  • Ensure you are attended to before you can help the other victims unless they are in immediate danger.
  • Provide first aid before the medics arrive. You can do so even while on the phone as they give you instructions on what to do to the wounds.
  • Seek professional help for the affected to help handle the long-term effects of the assault.

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